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Triple Nickel

TRIPLE NICKEL is a high energy five-piece Colorado-based ensemble that has been performing Top 40 Country with an exciting blend of Classic Rock & Roll for over 16 years. TRIPLE NICKEL has established itself as one of the hottest bands of its kind in Colorado, after entertaining audiences at nightclubs, concerts, dances, weddings, company parties, and several other special events for many years.

"The tradition of country rock continues on with these guys. Wow! Solid harmonies, great Telecasters and solid material. Of course they hail from Colorado, where country rock has been a staple since its inception in the late 60s . . ."

"In the spirit of Poco, The Burritos, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and others, Triple Nickel brings a contemporary edge to a style of music that mysteriously has never left us. I would recommend this CD to anyone who’s a fan of the golden age of country rock.  Ironically, it’s produced by none other than country rock pioneer John Beland of the legendary Flying Burrito Brothers. Need I say more? Great stuff and a pleasant, refreshing surprise in a world of boring Nashville hat acts. Grab this one!"

"Great band!  I love the sound of this band!  I’ve listened to this CD over and over."


"FANTASTIC!!!  This group has the potential to be around for a long time!!  Solid instrumentals and fantastic vocals which remind one of early Eagles and Alabama, but without being “karaoke copies” of those groups."

--Stephanie Brown

Notable Festivals, Events and Venues:

  • The Colorado State Fair

  • Copper Mountain Resorts

  • The Pueblo Stomp On

  • The Meeker Range Call Celebration, Colorado’s oldest annual rodeo.

  • Hundreds of engagements throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Michigan translate into thousands of successful performance hours for TRIPLE NICKEL.

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