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"If I had a dollar for every "wow" and "that band was awesome" and "that was the best wedding ever," then the wedding would have been paid for twice over. From the time we first spoke with Thumpin' (1 year in advance), until the wedding night, they were responsive, professional, and helpful. We had heard horror stories of live music acts not delivering, but we never had a doubt with Thumpin'. They included our requests, played their hearts out, and even included a brand new song that we requested specifically for the reception.

"My bride loves live music, and even more so, she loves live music that will make all ages dance. Everyone from the kids to grandparents danced the night away, and even though there may be some parts of that day we would tweak, we have no doubts that Thumpin' was the perfect choice.  I hope they aren't booked for our anniversary!"
 -Luke H.

"Thumpin' played at my wedding ceremony and reception. They absolutely rock! They were fabulous to work with and had the dance floor busting moves all night. My only wish was that it didn't go by so fast! We looked long and hard for a wedding band and they are hands down the best in Colorado.
......even the old geezers at the party were enticed to the dance floor and the dance floor was always full!".

 -Moses T.

In just over three years, Thumpin’ has become one of the most popular bands on the Denver music scene, drawing enthusiastic crowds and amassing a loyal following who love what this band does: providing its audiences with music that moves the body and soul, music with maximum groove.


Thumpin' combines two energetic lead vocalists with a tight rhythm and horn section, pristine vocal harmonies, and a repertoire of songs that spans five decades of funk, soul, and R&B: songs that are infrequently played by other acts yet are instantly recognizable and one hundred percent danceable.


Thumpin' is available year-round to bring that groove to your club, wedding, festival, or private function.

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