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The Pamlico Sound

The Pamlico Sound, a funk/soul/psychedelic band from Boulder CO, first appeared in September 2010. In a short time they created a huge local buzz, becoming known as “Boulder’s premier party band” (The Marquee, April 2011) and playing clubs, theaters, festivals and special events across Colorado’s Front Range and beyond. The group displays fierce mastery of the funk and soul genres, dizzying musicianship, and above all a sense of fun and freedom which feeds their audiences’ desire to cut loose and dance.

In their first year, the band performed multiple times at Boulder’s Fox Theatre, and at a string of monthly house parties which became notorious. From 2012 through May 2014, TPS played the Boulder Theater, more shows at the Fox, and numerous shows at Denver's Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom, Bluebird Theater and Oriental Theater, among many other great stages. Throughout this time, they continued to get rave reviews in the press, including The Marquee, Colorado Music Buzz, and the Colorado Daily. Bands that TPS has co-headlined with or supported include: Orgone; Kung Fu; Rowdy Shadehouse; The Magic Beans; Technicolor Tone Factory; Yamn; Whitewater Ramble, and more.

The band took a one-year hiatus from June 2014 to 2015, where members went to other projects. After re-forming in the Spring of 2015 - featuring the supremely soulful sound of new female vocalist LaSha (also of Denver's Funkadelic tribute band Hamhock and Bob Marley tribute Wake Up and Live) - and a new killer rhythm section, the group has leaped back onto the scene with renewed energy and fervor. TPS has also unveiled its new theatrical concept, a dynamic, audience-interactive "religious experience" they call "The Jive Church". There's nothing pious or heavy about the whole thing: to the contrary, it just makes the shows that much more fun (and often funny) and uplifting.

At this writing, TPS are planning big shows at major Denver venues like Cervantes, The Walnut Room, etc, looking at a return to Boulder's Fox Theatre (along with favorite clubs like The Lazy Dog), and will be at fave venues, festivals and events all through the coming seasons and beyond. And at that party. Or is it that other party. Oh, maybe at both.

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