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The BarMisfits

The BarMisfits features the superb musicianship of four Colorado-based veterans of local music. Playing classic to contemporary rock, pop and more, the band offers a triple threat of talent:


- Classic to current ROCK AND POP BAND 

- LIVE BAND KARAOKE - with a repertoire of hundreds of songs, turn your guests into rock stars as they front a stellar live band!

- LIVE WEDDING MUSIC AND INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT IN ONE - imagine live music AND/OR live band karaoke at your wedding! In addition, the band has a particular expertise in Jewish weddings, offering all of the traditional music along with the more contemporary tunes

Featuring Steve Patt (of Horse), Eric Teman, Greg Foster (Dotsero) and Brion Neill (Ten Tiers, Lylah's Purpose, The MorphTones), this is the ultimate pro act for your event.

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