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Rose & Thistle


Rose & Thistle are performing powerhouse Sarah Hubbard  (Flobots, Nobuo Uematsu, Harry Belafonte) and consummate composer Max Wolpert  (Dream Theater, A.R. Rahman, Alison Brown).  Together, their experience spans classical, jazz, old-time, Celtic, rock, Canadian, hip-hop, klezmer, and even more styles of music.  

Among their repertoire are classical standards, American & Celtic folk music, jazz, klezmer, your favorite fandom tunes, music from movies and TV, and even music customized just for you!


Both graduates of the Berklee College of Music, Sarah and Max are accomplished composers and tunewriters, and craft creative and fresh arrangements to put a unique stamp on classic tunes.

They're also both serious nerds, and are very active in various "niche" fandoms.  There's nothing they like better than assembling sets of tunes from the music of their favorite games, shows, and movies.  Whether it's constructing arrangements of the classic themes from Star Wars, setting off to adventure through the music of the Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy, or swinging through the jazzy songs of their musical hero KK Slider, Rose & Thistle are always keen to merge their love of music with pop culture.  

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