Rhett Haney

"The band is amazing and sound great. Definitely a band I will bring back in my bar time and time again."

      - Teresa - Owner, Oregon Trail Roadhouse

"Enjoyed the old school country music and loved the Tom Petty! Like you have a great variety of music!"

      - Kristal Null - Wide Open Saloon

"Best girls night out music for reals authentic" 

      - Christine Itzen - Tailgate Tavern

"Amazing! You guys were great cant wait to see you on stage again!"

      - Sarah Rowe - Whiskey Baron


      - Janie Scanlan - Oregon Trail Roadhouse

Rhett has been in the music scene around Denver for 20+ years. Starting off playing bass with Maggie Jack, Rhett quickly learned what was needed to be an effective musician on stage. During his next project, Tequila Mockingbird, which would last for 12 1/2 years, he fine-tuned his bass playing, started dabbling with backup singing, developed his stage performance, and studio recording/engineering/mastering techniques. During this time Rhett would periodically fill in with other local bands such as SPIV, Matt Need's Vagiant (The Tightest Band in the World), EBWA, and many others. 


During his next musical phase Rhett decided it was time to actually buy a drum set instead of always fooling around on his current drummer's kit. This led to him striking out and eventually meeting Matt Buckstein with whom he would co-form Denver's own country band Buckstein. It was during these years that he developed his drumming skills, while still refining his singing abilities. Often times Rhett would fill in for other country bands as they would come through town appearing both at Toby Keith's and The Grizzly Rose among other venues around town. These bands included Texas's own Beaumont. As well as Against The Grain from California.


Currently the drummer/backup vocalist for The Walker Williams Band, Rhett has enjoyed many years of success while sharing the stage with many of the greats including Toby Keith. Rhett has finally been given the opportunity to take his musicianship on the road as much as possible. And he is absolutely having the time of his life!

The obvious next phase includes reviving his bass playing abilities and moving to the front of the stage to sing lead in this current project. Rhett hopes for many years of continued success. 

  • With this and other projects, Rhett has been a regional favorite having had the privilege of performing with Toby Keith, Walker Williams Band, Michael Aldridge, Against The Grain, Beaumont , and Buckstein in Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Nebraska, and Arizona.

  • Only TOP LEVEL entertainers included in the band.

  • Since the band's debut on March 27, 2021, nearly 3000 facebook page likes, and climbing fast!

  • Very good variety of neo-traditional dancy country music with some rock flare as well as some unexpected 80's twists weaved into the show.

  • For smaller to mid-sized venues, the band is fully self sustained including full PA and programmed lighting package.