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Marty Nightengale

Irish/Celtic, and more

“Charming, outgoing, and always bringing the party, Nightengale plays a mix of traditional Irish songs and well known covers. Exuding high energy & a contagious vibe, Marty is always a crowd pleaser!”

--Scene Magazine

Irish Spirit, American Soul.


Performing 150+ shows a year since 2003 Marty Nightengale is no stranger to the stage. Presenting his show in a solo format frontman Marty Nightengale's powerful voice, groove based guitar, and magnetic charisma creates an entertaining show that blends classic Irish pub favorites with upbeat pop/rock.


Nightengale's strength lies in the ability to put on an entertaining show with the versatility to play any genre of music for any event type & audience. This versatility makes him equally at home in situations that range from a party atmosphere getting the crowd to sing & dance all night, to a mellow happy hour/dinner club, wedding/corporate events, and everything in between.

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