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Logan Thomas

Freshly growing artist Logan Thomas, originally from the small town of Richmond Hill, Georgia, has erupted onto the indie pop music scene.


Recently signing with Blossom Records, Logan has expanded his career into becoming one of the hottest players in the indie pop world.

With songs like his latest release "One More Chapter", mixed by OK Go drummer Dan Kanopka, and his previously released single "In Tune", Logan forges a sound that crosses top 40 pop with true indie soul. Logan's emotive guitar playing adds a unique element of authenticity to his songs, reminding listeners of what a young John Mayer would sound like if he came of age in today's music industry.

In "One More Chapter", Logan sings "there's always one more chapter, no it's never happily ever after", which is a perfect metaphor for his development and values as an artist. Logan's music is down-to-earth yet uplifting, inspiring listeners to be present in the moment and embrace both the good and the bad in their life.

Playing shows all over the United States since the age of 14, Logan has performed everywhere from Red Rocks to The Masquerade. From fronting pop-punk band Pariah to playing guitar in rock band Me and the Trinity, Logan's diverse musical background has helped him develop into one of the leading indie pop artists in the state of Colorado.

If you love heart, soul, and radio hits, Logan Thomas brings the sound of all three to every listener, live or through your speakers.

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