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The Lauren Michaels Band

Lauren Michaels fronts one of Colorado’s most exciting Americana bands. After entering a singing contest in 2011, she contacted family friend Sandy Craig and asked him to back her on guitar. The duo played open mics around Denver to find other players, and by 2012 they had a 5-piece band, The Trubelos.

Within a year they released a CD of originals and covers: Boomerang Girl, and were playing Denver clubs and festivals. The highlight of the first year was winning a battle of the bands and opening for Leann Rimes at the Rocky Mountain Music Festival.

In 2014 they released another 10-song CD of all-original music, Tumbleweed Road, the title track being a country rocker about Lauren’s early life. Says Lauren: “I did live in Tonopah when I was little, and my first car was a Firebird; the rest is made up. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!”

After a 4-year run playing clubs, fairs and festivals, The Trubelos disbanded in 2016, and Lauren and Sandy immediately found new players to go in a more traditional direction. Her 4-year run with The Trubelos built up her chops and stage presence, and now fronting The Lauren Michaels Band, she has the sound she’s always wanted.

Says Lauren: “Modern Nashville Country has never appealed to me; I am after a rootsier Texas type of sound, and I certainly found it with these guys! Michael Howard is a virtuoso mandolin player and great songwriter, and will be contributing more and more going forward; we found a real gem here!” Their pedal steel player Chuck Lettes was recently nominated to the Colorado Country Music Hall Of Fame, and is responsible for much of the band's overall sound. 

For the past 2 years, Lauren has been singing backup in the house band for The Joey Canyon Show, performing with many of her longtime idols. She also regularly does session work as a backup singer at Macy Sound Studios

"Without a doubt Lauren Michaels is a superb country vocalist"

--Chris Smith, Country Music People magazine

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