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Kyle O'Brien

SOLO: As a seasoned solo performer with music in his veins, Kyle O’Brien brings a captivating blend of bluegrass, classic country, and folksy originals to life in his captivating solo show. Having honed his skills since childhood as part of a family band, O’Brien has since traveled across the country and even around the world performing in various bluegrass bands. Now, he brings his wealth of experience and passion to the forefront in this intimate solo setting.

Armed with his warm and mellow (gypsy jazz style) nylon-string guitar and a rich, low baritone voice, O’Brien weaves a tapestry of beloved favorites by legends like Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and Hank Williams, alongside his own unique originals that seamlessly blend these styles.

Kyle O’Brien tailors his sound to create a welcoming atmosphere for audiences of all ages. He utilizes a professional sound system, ranging from a Fishman Loudbox Performer amp to a Bose tower system depending on the venue's needs. However, O’Brien prioritizes creating an intimate connection with his audience, ensuring comfortable volume levels that allow for conversation and enjoyment of each other’s company.

A master of audience engagement, O’Brien has honed his craft over 15 years of live performances. He welcomes requests and peppers his shows with friendly and relatable banter, creating a truly interactive experience. For an extra touch, O’Brien can also incorporate the fiddle or mandolin into his set upon request.

Whether it's an intimate venue or a family gathering, Kyle O’Brien's Solo Show promises a heartfelt and engaging musical journey for acoustic music lovers of all backgrounds.


Kyle O’Brien is also available in two duo configurations:j

Family Ties (duo): Performing alongside his mother, Janette O'Brien, Kyle rekindles the magic of their family band, a connection forged in music since his childhood. 

Denver's Finest (duo): Teaming up with Denver's premier upright bass player and violin luthier, Ian Haegele, Kyle benefits from Ian's exceptional musicianship and deep understanding of musicality. The addition of the bass adds a powerful layer of depth and rhythm to the performance. This allows Kyle to explore his instrumental prowess further, indulging in captivating solos while grooving in perfect harmony with his musical partner.

These duo shows are a delightful blend of top-notch musicianship and lighthearted entertainment. Kyle O’Brien and his musical partner engage the audience with friendly banter, jokes, and captivating stories woven in between their meticulously chosen tunes. Whether it's providing the perfect soundtrack for a lively party or captivating the audience's full attention in an intimate setting, Kyle O’Brien and his duo partner seamlessly adapt to the occasion.


The Kyle O'Brien Band

Hailing from the heart of Colorado, The Kyle O'Brien Band is a rising star in the bluegrass scene, captivating audiences with their infectious energy, undeniable talent, and deep love for classic bluegrass and country music.

A Stellar Quartet:

  • Kyle O’Brien (Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle): A seasoned performer with a rich baritone voice and masterful guitar skills, O’Brien leads the band with passion and charisma.

  • Joey Purmort (Banjo): A childhood friend of Kyle O’Brien’s, Joey brings his dazzling banjo expertise and deep understanding of bluegrass traditions to the band.

  • Ian Haegele (Bass): Denver's premier bass player, Ian Haegele lays down a powerful and dynamic foundation with his intricate bass lines.

  • Dylan Kober (Dobro): A musical savant, Dylan Kober adds an extra layer of magic with his mesmerizing dobro playing.

Despite their young age, this quartet possesses a deep musical knowledge and connection that transcends their years. Their shared passion for bluegrass music shines through in every electrifying performance.

The Kyle O'Brien Band has already graced prestigious stages like the EPRD Summer Concert Series and the legendary Little Bear in Evergreen, Colorado. They are poised to take their music on the road, spreading their bluegrass joy throughout Colorado and beyond.

Renowned for their energetic live shows, their love of music translates to a captivating audience experience. They seamlessly vibe together, creating a powerful synergy that keeps the energy high throughout their set.

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