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TThe JV3 is Denver’s premiere 90s pop-rock cover trio, turning heads while packing venues and dance floors across the Colorado region since 2007. With vocals, guitar, bass, and drums, The JV3 creates an impressive, unique and fresh sound to familiar 90s, well placed 80s, 2000’s and newer songs, making it easy for anyone to dance and sing to, whether at a private party, wedding reception, corporate event or festival.

The professional, easy to work with and well-experienced musicians that make up this remarkable trio, not only put on a energetic show but turn any occasion into a memorable experience, making The JV3 a must need for any successful event.

“First off…they were amazing! Second off…I don’t think I have ever had the pleasure to work with a more easy going, pleasurable group of guys. Usually I find the talent can be difficult and demanding and it was such a pleasure to have such a pleasant group of guys.  I will definitely book them again.” 

-P. Adams, Columbine Country Club

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