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Deva Yoder

Available in solo and band configurations


Born in the heartland, Deva Yoder's musical journey began in a home filled with creativity.


Inspired by artists like Aimee Mann, Suzanne Vega and PJ Harvey, she taught herself guitar with Beatles books and developed a captivating voice. While she got her start in church, her path has led her beyond traditional bounds, infusing her music with a universal spirituality that speaks to the soul.


Drawing from influences such as Patty Griffin, R.E.M. and Fleetwood Mac, Deva creates heartfelt Americana/indie-folk-rock with a 60s twist.


Her music has reached global audiences, featured on Colorado Public Radio and her work ethic recognized by Westword magazine.


Deva's songs reflect her spiritual and musical evolution, resonating deeply with listeners as she performs solo or leads the Deva Yoder Band.

"Deva Yoder is a Denver-raised, self-taught DIY artist who creates soft Americana and folk-rock music accompanied by glittering acoustic guitar riffs. ."
--Westword, article: "Ten Badass Women Dominating Denver's Music Scene"

"Deva Yoder recently released ‘Resting From Their Labors’, which features a stirring instrumental arrangement and vocals that are simply sublime"
--Boulent Mustafa, owner, OBs Music UK

"...folk at its purest and most beautiful. A journey in retrospect about what we’ve been through and what we have yet to experience. ...Deva’s voice... it’s so beautiful that we can’t stop listening."
--Tomás Rogeiro, review of "Rocket Ship",

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