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Dear Marsha

Dear Marsha duo 2.jpg

Best stated, “Marsha's leading lovely ladies - are on a quest to marry acoustic music with the energy of electric rock."


And with nearly 1200 performances under their belt, Dear Marsha is an established, well-oiled rock & roll machine. They play upbeat, energetic rock/country tunes, and have become known as "the band that has too much fun!"

They play a multi-state region covering Colorado, Texas, and other regional states, in addition to shows in Europe and Scandinavia.

They have developed a major following and love their fans (Marshans) with as much passion as their fans love them.

Getting to know this band will have you saying things like "Who's your daddy?" ... "hot, sticky, and wet!" ... and "Marsha did me dirty..."


“Sort of like the Indigo Girls on acid with Heart as their back up band!”
- Madeleine Lecocq — Weird Sisters 

"Dear Marsha brings with it a power grrrl rock sound with a twisted shade of soul and wicked humor”
- Alex Tietz— -FEMMusic 

"Marsha's leading lovely ladies and co-founders -- vocalist Raina Ayres and Wendy Clay, a guitar mama who can't stop hoppin' (on tables, on barstools, whatever) -- are on a quest to marry acoustic music with the energy of electric rock." 
- Mary Guiden — Westword Magazine Hit Pick 

"Dear Marsha has become one of Colorado’s hottest local bands. Hard work , infectious sounds and a sincere heart for their audience is their recipe for success. With quite an impressive cover song list and original material just as catchy, Dear Marsha attracts and keeps the attention of ANY crowd!"
- About Town — OutFront Magazine 

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