Dave Connelly

Dave Connelly is a purely talented musician and innovative looping artist that is growing in popularity and emerging into the music scene with strength and energy. He is an energizing singer, songwriter and musician with a unique style of music and innovative song looping. Dave’s musical styles run the spectrum from classic rock to the latest current hits and everything in between. Dave has the unique ability to play styles ranging from acoustic guitar and artist-rap and specializes in his own construction of song building and looping, which delivers a genuinely richer performance and penetrates venues with full-pure sound providing audiences real musical entertainment. Dave’s unparalleled talent to build and create a song from scratch, on the spot, and to deliver a high quality show is like no other. Watch as the songs you love to hear are built right there in front of you!

His confident, laid back attitude combined with utmost professionalism make Dave the ideal entertainer for venues and event management. Being on stage is second nature to Dave as he has the unique ability to entertain any crowd in any venue while delivering an amazing high-quality show both audiences and venues welcome. Don’t miss the next Dave Connelly show!

"The big thing we ask for up here with our musicians is high energy and keeping the people entertained and dancing on our “table stage”! He delivers Everytime, and if the crowd has a slow sappy request well let him get away with one or two."

Leslie Day - Motherloaded Tavern, Breckenridge

"Every time Dave’s up here, the regulars are happy to see him walk in and he always plays our regulars’ favorites!"

Tabor - Woodcellar

"We book Dave here regularly because once people see him start to play they want to stick around! He’s the only musician that beat boxes, plays guitar, and piano, and oh yea sings too lol! It’s just as fun to watch him build a song as it is to hear it come together"

Anna - The Glenn

"Dave’s awesome! We let him try out a Friday happy hour three years ago when he first started playing out apparently, and have had him back as our Friday happy hour entertainment ever since. People never get tired of him!"

Bennett – Floodstage

"Dave played his first gig ever here in April of 2011 for a fundraiser, and we’ve had him back ever since as our one and only house musicians. He’s covers captivating material and a very unique style."

Dominic - Retro Room