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Brett Hendrix

Available in solo and band configurations

Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame 2024 nominee,
Best Single Artist and Best Male Vocalist of the Year!

Brett Hendrix is a Singer/Songwriter whose style is derived from his blues and southern rock roots.


Brett began teaching himself to play guitar at the age of nine. With the influence of music from his father and brother, his spark for music came alive shortly after he started playing. By age twelve he was playing on talent stages and sitting in with the bands his brother played with all around Central Texas. At age fourteen, Brett along with a few others, formed the Brett Hendrix Band. Shortly after this Brett started writing music in a predominantly Texas-country style with a singer/songwriter edge and blues guitar background; therefore, the band went from playing blues and classic rock to a wide range of country, Texas- country, and blues/rock.

Brett Hendrix Band won the RedCTV Best of Country Series back in 2011. Shortly after, with the winnings of the competition, they recorded a demo and a music video "Small Town Texas". From formation in 2009, the band played all across Texas and Oklahoma.

In 2018 Brett played his solo “Side-Show Acoustic Tour” across 28 states and 52 shows in just 60 days. Following this tour Brett took the opportunity to be a utility musician for two notable nationally touring bands, playing 2-4 instruments per show and singing, while recreating his own sound and style. 

After a lot of buzz and people asking for new music, Brett started the first EP "It's a Shame" in March of 2015. This EP was just a stepping stone along the way to where he was headed with his music. In April of 2016 the band started their second EP at Bismeaux Studio, with first time producer and Texas musician, Kyle Park. Park took the band's sound to a new horizon and the Self Titled EP was released in April of 2017. Since these releases Brett has re-released these two EPs combined as "The Waco Days".

At the beginning of 2020, he recorded a live acoustic record "Live at Kissing Tree" and of these titles are available where music is streamed and sold on online platforms. The newest Brett Hendrix music is coming out in single format. “Lucky” was the first new solo- release, in December of 2021, and more singles will be released throughout 2022, with “Don’t Go to L.A.” slated to drop in late Spring.


In June of 2024, Brett Hendrix was nominated by the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame for
Best Single Artist and Best Male Vocalist of the Year.

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