Born to Run

The Springsteen Experience

"Loved the show! Wish you could have played much longer!"

– Joanna V.

"Your group was absolutely fabulous had such a wonderful time the music was electric." 

– Susan P.

"Great show last night…so much fun!!"

– Ann K.

"When you played Thunder Road … I got chills up and down my body."

– Dave

"Great time.. You guys kicked butt.. Even the youngsters liked it."

– Chris C.


"I’ve been a witness to the “real thing” many times and experienced that feeling that he brings out through his voice and words. Last night I was not expecting the real Bruce to be on stage…. But I did hear the emotion in [the Boss’s]  voice, and felt that energy and excitement in this band’s sound. […] Paying homage to The Boss and sharing his songs with all of us. Thanks for a great show & an awesome evening!"

– Guy N.

The members of Born to Run come from a varied background of live performance experience as well as varied life experience. Those differences come together in a magic synergy with their shared passion for the works of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Laying down the rhythm section are Scott Wright on drums and Chris Moreno on the bass guitar. Archie Aquino on Piano and Keyboards. Guitar duties are anchored by Gary Germaine. The fabulous Bob Giusto on the saxophone rounds out the backdrop for Dave Boylan on vocals and guitar.

Each of these musicians is accomplished in their own right and are at home on the stage providing energy and excitement for the audience and a true tribute to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

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