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Aural Deception

"What a compilation of artists! Katie is without a doubt the best female vocalist in town & Anthony is the best guitarist I’ve ever met! Can’t wait to see you guys live! See u at your next show!!!"


WOW!!!! After last night’s show it is amazing that Bistro Al Vino’s is still standing. Aural Deception was on fire! I have seen the band play quite a few times and they are great, but last night’s show was AWESOME!!"

--Holly E

Aural Deception began as an idea…as do all creations…when Katie Lynne Jensen Valdetero decided to put together a group of musicians…hand selected by herself…to back her high energy stage performance…resulting in possibly the best band she’s fronted to date !!! Katie feels the group could potentially be on the top of the local music scene not only because of their talent but their dedication to be there !!! Come explore music spanning four decades of rock covered so well your ears will experience an aural

deception !!!


Katie Valdetero – Lead Vocals
Dave Harcrow – Bass Guitar – Vocals
Steve Villalobos – Rhythm Guitar
Anthony C – Lead Guitar
Frank Morgan – Drums Percussion – Vocals

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