Ashton Lee

Born in Southeastern Kentucky and raised in the hills of West Virginia, Ashton Lee grew up in a historic breeding ground for Country and Bluegrass Music. Ashton comes from a long line of musicians, and it was this family tradition of music that sparked his interest in becoming a performer at a very early age.


Ashton began learning to sing from the time he could speak, thanks to some bedtime lessons from his father, and the interest only grew from there. He started playing guitar at age eight and began writing and performing by age nine.


After a long period of musical development including guest performances with major Bluegrass acts, countless guitar lessons, and many shows in both a singer-songwriter role and as the lead singer of local bands, Ashton Lee decided to pursue a degree in Music Industry Studies at Appalachian State University.


It was in college that Ashton met the members of his band. Ashton and band have quickly developed an impressive resume that includes bars, clubs, VIP tents, and festivals across four states. Ashton has developed into a very strong writer and works with seasoned Nashville songwriters to create the original material he performs with his band.