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Ashton Lee

From a different holler…

Born into a family of Bluegrass musicians, being a guitarist is literally in Ashton Lee's blood. By age 9 he was playing big stages with big acts, and he has continued to pursue a career under the lights ever since. Throughout his early years, Ashton gradually broadened his horizons to Folk, Country, and Classic Rock- and eventually Jazz in order to attend Appalachian State University to earn a music degree.


While in college, Ashton played frequently around the Southeast and beyond with his former band Hidden Still. His Jazz education gave way to a love of Blues, R&B, Funk, and Fusion that would heavily influence his musicianship from then on.


Ashton moved to Nashville after school where he worked full-time as a performing artist, sideman, and studio musician. During this period he recorded and released his first solo EP, Good Kind Of Trouble.


Feeling that Nashville was not the right environment to create the music and career he envisioned, Ashton relocated to Denver, Colorado. Ashton has spent recent years performing frequently throughout the Mountain West, developing his artistry and guitar playing into a unique sound inspired by his broad influences. He is currently promoting his latest album From A Different Holler.

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