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I must say, I was more than pleased with the Tent Show Kings. I have heard nothing but praises over the performance. Everyone was so entertaining. The best part of the party was the high energy and fantastic funky music! The party was a huge success and that is because of your band. I really appreciate the interaction with the crowd and the awesome verity of genres. I know that this after party will be talked about for years to come. The Tent Show Kings exceeded my expectations. Thank you all so much! I will be recommending your band within my networks.
Charlotte A. Scance
Human Resources Coordinator
Quanta Power Generation

Triple Nickel is 5 piece group that performs today's top 40 country covers, classic rock, and "Americana-Country" originals.
Mr. J & the Smooth Expressions
Welcome To The PARTY!!!

When deciding on music for your wedding reception or special event keep in mind that entertainment can be found and customized to any budget. It helps to have a good idea of how much funding there is for the entertainment portion of your event. Here are a few points to consider when planning:

Stage - Is there an adequate area for the band to perform? What is the type of floor (carpet, hardwood, tile, etc.) in the stage area?
  • - What is the availability and access to electrical power? A full band will need more than one outlet.

  • Sound - Does the venue have a ? Most bands can bring this if the venue does not already have it, but it is critical to know this in advance.

  • Lights - How well lit is the stage area and the dance floor? Will you need additional lighting?

  • Performance Time - How long will you want the band to play? Most events are 4 hours long with about 3 hours (2 - 3 sets) of music. Times can be customized to suit the client’s needs.

  • Special Requests - will there be one or more specific songs that the Bride & Groom of honor want to hear?